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About us

Pateikta: 2010-08-17 (atnaujinta: 2016-01-25)


The first kindergarten of Salantai town was established in 1951, the 1st of November, in the street of Palangos Juze. There were 12 children attending this kindergarten. The first manager was Danutė Kalvienė, after her the kindergarten was managed by Anastazija Tautavičienė for five years, then by Anelė Jablonskienė for three years, and from 1960’s for two decades – by Eugenija Grigaitienė. The number of children increased up to 50. They could not fit anymore into one group therefore another preschool institution – a day nursery for the youngest children – was established in 1966. In 1976 the two preschool institutions were named: the first one was named as “Rasa” (“Dew”), the second one – “Pušelė” (“Pine”). Later on, both the kindergarten and the day nursery expanded into two groups. The managers of “Pušelė” constantly changed. Laima Meškienė started to manage it, after her N. Bumbliauskienė came, then B. Stuopelytė, D. Sungailienė.

Times were changing, Lithuania went through the major turns, which did not bypass the town of Salantai. In 1983 a new kindergarten-nursery was built in Laiviai street. It was named “Rasa” (“Dew”).

Kindergarten-Nursery Today

Today 91 children attend Salantai kindergarten-nursery “Rasa”. There are six groups: one for infancy children, three for children before the preschool age, and two for preschool children. A manager – Adelė Pociuvienė, an assistant of a manager for education – Daiva Pučkorienė. There are 35 employees, 15 of them are educators.

Philosophy and Values


Philosophy: our main concern is children, their socialization, how they live and who they will become in the future. We are open for changes, because we believe in success. We constantly grow in professional competence – we learn during the work and from the work.

Values: humanized educational process, based on the interaction of the educators, children and their parents. Our community fosters the basic children rights to freedom, safety, and dignity; also the honor and respect to the Lithuanian traditions and customs. We help a handicapped child to become a full member of the society.

Priorities of the Kindergarten-Nursery


  • To provide a high quality service in infancy, preschool and special education; to ensure a secure environment.
  • To provide help for a handicapped child; to involve the whole family in the process of education of a child.
  • Explorative-analytical activity; projects; innovations.





Contact Information


Address: Salantos g. 4, Salantai, Kretingos raj, LT-97313

Tel./Fax. (8 445) 58419